Dremio container won't restart in docker

I am able to run Dremio in docker on a Windows 10 machine… initially. I am able to login, add sources and spaces, etc. However, when docker restarts the container will not restart I’m getting:

Failure while starting services.,
com.dremio.datastore.DatastoreException: Process user (dremio) doesn’t match local catalog db owner (root). Please run process as root.,



As the error suggests, who owns the db folder? Is it root?

It’s a Windows machine so there is no root. I’m trying to get Dremio running in a docker container in Windows and use a docker volume to persist users, data sources, etc. so that when I restart docker the settings persist. Is there any best practice information around doing this? Dremio was working fine for me until I had to restart Docker, now I can’t get it to start.


Which OS is the docker container?