Shell command: docker start dremio_container

Hello Dremio Community,
I try the Community 3.0 Version on my Linux Cluster.
I use Docker and run in shell
docker run --name dremio_d -d -p 29100:9047 -p 31010:31010 -p 45678:45678 dremio/dremio-oss

Dremio builds run everything works.

Next I stop the container with:
docker stop dremio_d

Next I want to start the docker container again with:
docker start dremio_d

And the Container did not start. What is my mistake?

I’m actually suffering from the same issue Michael is listing on the 3.0 image being pulled from DockerHub.

I’m wanting to run a single-node docker install and be able to start and restart to be able to demo to various people.

I’m able to pull and run Dremio the first time from DockerHub.
However, whenever I stop and attempt to restart, the Dremio docker container “exits” immediately.
I’ve tried to “exec -it” into the docker container while it is running to gracefully shut down Dremio prior to shutting down the docker container. However, the docker container still exits immediately whenever I attempt to bring it up a second time.

@kelly … any ideas on what could be causing this?

The issue seems to be that Dremio checks if Dremio is already running before starting. Since this is running as pid 1 in the container, when a stopped container is restarted - it thinks the last instance is still running and exits.

Doing the following seems to work:
Before stopping the running container, exec into the container and delete the pid file. E.g.

docker exec -it dremio_d rm /run/dremio/

Doing that allows to stop and start the container successfully.

Dremio 3.0.1 image has been pushed to dockerhub. That fixes the issue mentioned here. You should be able to stop and start Dremio containers without having to delete the pid file.

@nsen Yes!! Thank you so much!

I was able to pull down the 3.0.1 image and successfully restart. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for the quick fix on this.


Thank you works for me too. :slight_smile: