Dremio don't stop after the client close the socket connexion


I am connecting AB initio application (QueryIT module) and Dremio running in Docker.

When I run a query in Ab Initio, it runs and shows me some results (220 lines) then it closes the socket connection, but Dremio don’t stop this request. It waits 5mn before it shows me the following message: « ChannelClosedException: [USER]: Channel closed / <–> / (user client)”

I see in Dremio log of server.log :

2021-07-27 14:52:16,570 [UserServer-1] INFO c.d.sabot.rpc.user.UserRPCServer - RPC connection / <–> / (user client) timed out. Timeout was set to 300 seconds. Closing connection.

Is it possible to reduce the timeout ?

Is it possible to check by Dremio the status of socket connection before this timeout ?

Can someone help me understand what happens? I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance

@Lance SO there is no query timeout set on AB initio? Can we get the profile of the query, I would like to see the reason for cancellation

Also edit the queue that this query ran and see if there is a timeout set