Dremio Odbc Connection issue

Hello community,

PowerBI keeps desktop terminate my query session with dremio, when creating the data model, I adjusted the Odbc timeout and the handshake timeout. The query termination still persist
This the only error log I got from the dremio Odbc connector

May 04 14:14:04.046 ERROR 8084 Simba::ODBC::Connection::SQLGetInfoW: [Dremio][ODBC] (11180) SQLGetInfo property not found: 1750

May 04 14:14:04.048 ERROR 8084 Simba::ODBC::Connection::SQLGetInfoW: [Dremio][ODBC] (11180) SQLGetInfo property not found: 180

Thank you,
Samson Eromonsei.

@iskidet Wondering if this a timeout from PowerBI side, have checked PBI settings? Does the Dremio server.log on the coordinator tell us anything?

The Dremio server.log only says that the user cancelled the query.


Is there a job profile in the jobs page?

Hello @iskidet , I had the same “query cancelled by user” error using odbc to send DDL (CTAS), and found I had to consume the resultset, even if there was no resultset at all in that case. Is it your case ?

@fetanchaud , My case was that the data size was too large about 89m rows and the Odbc handshake and timeout were relatively small compared to when the query will complete. A work around for me was to extend the Odbc timeout and handshake. And that worked for me.

@iskidet Is this a SQL returning 89m rows? Even though you are able to return the rows now, it would be better if you do the processing in Dremio and return aggregate results to the ODBC tool?