Dremio JDBC Selecting Sources and Datasets

I am building a driver for Metabase, which is a BI tool. This driver will connect to Dremio through the Dremio JDBC driver. I managed to get a successful connection to Dremio using the connection string below.

However, there does not appear to be a way to specify a Space or Source or Dataset in the connection string itself.
Metabase is expecting a jdbc-compliant data source to be returned with the connection. But the Dremio jdbc driver does not return such an object.

Below I enter the Dremio connection info.

After a successful connection, I see the dashboard below.
However, the dashboard is empty because no Space or Source or Dataset was ever selected. Otherwise, they would show up in the dashboard.

How then do I retrieve a list of available Spaces, Sources or Datasets that I can return with the Dremio connection?

Dremio JDBC driver implements all basic JDBC interfaces and should be compliant enough to support most tools. DataSource is a JDBC extensions though, and the driver does not provide an implementation, but wrappers exist.

It is not possible to specify a dataset in the connection string because it’s the equivalent of a SQL table, and tables should be queried explicitly through Statement or PreparedStatement.

You might want to reach to the Metabase community, maybe they already provide examples on how to write connectors for JDBC drivers.

Thanks for your response, @laurent