Dremio Limits on number of columns in Tables, way to increase it

As per link : https://docs.dremio.com/advanced-administration/limits.html
I see the limits on no of columns is restricted to 800 but we have a requirement to query a table which has 1000+ columns & was wondering if there is any way to increase restrictions.
Dremio community Version: 4.1.4-202001240912140359-a90eb503
@balaji.ramaswamy , Any ideas on this issue, will be very helpful. Thanks !

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Hello gauravpranay,

Currently 800 is the limit for number of columns in a table.

And we do not have any parameter to increase this value. This is the current limitation.


Thanks Rakesh, is there any enhancements planned on it for future releases ?

Hello gauravpranay

Yes, there is an enhancement request is in place, however, right now at the moment we cannot guarantee the version in which it is going to implement.


Thanks Rakesh, will keep looking for future release notes of dremio.