Dremio Query issues


While evaluating the dremio tool for our business needs, below are some of the issue I have encountered. Please let me know if this issue is related to dremio or the particular custom connector “SAP ASE connector” that we are using to query SAP IQ database.

  1. We have huge tables with around 1500 columns. Whenever I query such tables Dremio returns an error. While using reflection also it said the hard limit for columns is 800. Is there a hard limit on the number of columns (800) for a table above which dremio cannot query.
  2. Issue with Datetime columns. Datetime is a data type on SAPIQ. However whenever i query the table I need to cast datetime to varchar without which I get a Nullpointer exception. Is this again a custom connector limitation.



#1 - This is the current supported limit
#2 Have checked with the Engineering who wrote this connector

Thanks for yur response Balaji

@gururajnayak It seems you are directly working with the engineer

Hi Balaji,

I did write to the custom connect developer of SAP ASE, but did not get any response on the point 2 in the above question. This issue is a blocker and more or less as it makes the custom connector useless as we have to edit all our 100s of queries which makes it practically impossible.
Hence thought of posting it to a wider audience if anybody as any workaround.