Licence - Dremio & API


I need some precision about the License:
We could use the Community Edition for free. If we change the code, Dremio is able to redistribute our change.
But if we develop our own API called by Dremio, our API won’t be a part of Dremio, are we agree? And we can use Dremio on our own server to be the user interface of our API for our customer?


At a high level that is correct.

How were you thinking you would connect from Dremio to your API? Presumably you would need to make changes to Dremio, so you would fork or you would contribute your changes back to the project. The Dremio team would need to approve of your changes and view them as a useful addition to the project.

We have plans for an SDK that would allow you to write your own connectors without having the core added to the Dremio project, but that is not yet available and I do not have a date I can share with you.

Maybe you could say more about what you are trying to accomplish and we can help.

First, I need to connect Dremio to Google API for example to geocode some adresses and to see the adresses on a map. It is one part of the data prep I will do with my datas.
After, I think it could be possible to add a simple button in Dremio to call my REST API?
Maybe I could do my own connectors, but how is called the connection with the connectors? Is it when I upload the data?