Connecting from Power BI

I am attempting to connect to Dremio (community edition) from Power BI. I installed the connector, and enabled un-certified extensions in Power BI settings. But I get the following error when I try to connect:
Details: "The field ‘OdbcErrors’ of the record wasn’t found."

This occurs after entering the coordinator node name, but before the dialog to enter credentials. I tried it with and without a port number, and with both IP address and name.

Did you install the Dremio Connector on the client? I’ve seen this error message when Power BI can’t find the ODBC driver.

Hi, Tomer. I’m pretty sure I did have the Dremio Connector installed when I was testing this in December.
The Dremio server that we were running at the time has been shut down, but I just tried it with our permanent non-production cluster. I have Dremio running in AWS, and a I have a port redirect in place so I can connect using SSL on 443 (I redirect 443 to 9047). In Power BI, I’m appending “:443” to the server name, but I get a different error now: Connection failed with error: Cannot decode handshake.)"

Joe , Power BI connects over ODBC port 31010. 9047 is only for REST/UI. Have you successfully connected from ODBC to Dremio?

Right, forgot about that. I tried it again just now without the port number, and it is working.

When I originally tested, we were on 4.0.8, but we’ve since upgraded to 4.3.1. That may be a difference.

Thank you!