Dremio ODBC connectivity


Is there any option to make an ODBC connection from Azure app service to Dremio.
The app service returns “ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified” since I am unable to configure an ODBC driver in the app service.
Can I refer to the ODBC driver DLL “DremioODBC_sb64.dll” instead of specifying the driver name. If not, could you please suggest what else can be done.


I have not seen anybody do this (yet) and I do not see any Azure App Service docs on configuring generic ODBC drivers and DSNs, so it does not look promising. What kind of app are you building?

I am building a .NET Core App service which makes a call to dremio. I am trying to fetch the data from the physical/virtual dataset on dremio which I had configured on Microsoft Azure. I tried running SQL jobs using the Rest API provided by dremio. But it was taking too much time to process complex queries and also, since I had to make hits to the dremio job/<job_id>/results API until the job is completed, it was slowing down the application. ODBC seemed to work really fast compared to Rest for SQL jobs. But since ODBC driver cannot be installed on Azure App service, I was looking for an alternative to connect directly to the dremio’s datasource(DB).


Wondering why the REST API call should be slower? Can you please run the same SQL from REST and ODBC and send us both the profiles?

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