How to connect to azure data warehouse

Hi im trialing the docker img of dremio community

how do i connect to azure data warehouse? there’s no specific connector for it and the sql server connector fails

the connection string needs to specify the azure integrated security authentication type

"Server = " + $serverName + “; Authentication = Active Directory Integrated”


Currently we do not have a connector for AZ DW. Have you checked out Dremio Hub - Dremio

yes i looked. it only has 3 drivers, none of which are for azure dw

where in the dremio installation dir is the included sql server driver and metadata file? I want to play around with it to see if i can get it working.
the jdbc driver is the same for normal sql server and azure dw, my experience in other tools is its only a slight difference in the connection string


Even when this was working there was no separate connector but you need to add as a SQL server source. There was a new stored procedure included in SQL server that was not in Azure DW and it was failing to load the datasets, you will get an error like this

2019-01-24 13:54:15,579 [metadata-refresh-sqldw] ERROR c.d.e.s.j.d.a.ArpDialect$ArpSchemaFetcher - Error listing datasets for ‘sqldw’ Could not find stored procedure ‘sp_msforeachdb’.


The sp_msforeachdb sp is an undocumented/unofficial/internal use only stored proc. You shouldn’t be using unsupported/undocumented features in a production product. And I’m not surprised it doesn’t exist in the MPP version – it doesn’t make sense there…

Numerate over the ansi sql information_schema.tables dataset instead?

if you point me to the uncompiled version of the arp file for sql server i’ll give it a shot