Dremio - ODBC connection- Windows Authentication not available

Hi There,

I have created a .NET web API service. It connects to Dremio Database using dremio ODBC driver. I currently use service account to get all the information and it works fine.

But now I need to fetch data specific to logged in windows user. I was trying to use “Integrated Security=true” or “Trusted_Connection=yes” but it it fails with below error

How to resolve this or what are the other options we have in Dremio for this scenario?

"ERROR [28000] [Dremio][ODBC] (11570) Required credential settings missing: {[PWD] [UID]}.
ERROR [08001] [Dremio][ODBC] (10380) Unable to establish connection with data source. Missing settings: {[PWD] [UID]}

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Hi there,
I also experience this error.
I flagged it with Dremio, but they didn’t want to “fix” it.

  • One workaround is to go to registry (regedit) and create a PWD record and put there the password of your user.
    If it’s a x64 or x32 bit ODBC the location in registry is different:
    This is in my scenario, I created a system DSN called Dremio_ODBC.
  • Second workaround is to type the password straight in the connection string “PWD=[your_service_account_password];”
    Basically after your “Trusted_Connection=yes;” parameter.
    I understand it’s not secure, but many ODBC providers use that approach (storing the password in windows registry). Some hash the password.

And you have to repeat this workaround also for UID parameter, which is the user name.

Hope it helps.

Thanks Iviglious for responding.
This wont work for my use case since it is not for a single user.
It is a service (web api) and multiple users will try to access it, so wont be able to enter the password for all of them in any scenario -simply because I don’t have their password :slight_smile:
I am working on using Impersonation -How To Use Inbound Impersonation | Dremio to achieve this functionality.
Will let you know if if works.