Dremio OSS cannot be built without closed source software

I’m trying to build dremio with the -Ddremio.oss-only flag and it still depends on closed source versions of calcite. Previous forum posts here suggest that this code is licensed under the ‘Dremio Free Software License’ but I cannot find a copy of this license anywhere.

Is there any plan to actually make Dremio OSS buildable with open source?

I also had problems trying to build the oss version. It would be great to have documentation explaining the steps to build it and so forth, so that we can easily contribute to the project.

Is there no response on this? What is the blocker for Dremio to publish the closed source forks of calcite, etc? What is the point of the “oss-only” flag if it doesn’t actually do that?

Hi @MattWallace . Sorry for the delay in responding! In the repository, you can find LICENSES_FOR_DEPENDENCIES.md which lists the license names for each dependency. You will see that Calcite Core is under the Apache 2.0 License.

The Apache 2.0 License is an OSI Approved License, but it does not require distribution of the source code.

And just FYI you can also find the text of the Dremio Free Software License in that same file.