Dremio.oss-only Custom Dependency Version Source Code?

I recently tried building the dremio.oss-only profile of Dremio 4.0 without the custom external Maven repositories in the pom.xml. I had several dependencies that I wasn’t able to resolve from standard Maven repositories. These appear to be custom built versions of some dependencies specifically for Dremio, and hosted on the Dremio Maven server?


I see all of these listed in the LICENSES_FOR_DEPENDENCIES.md file as Apache 2.0. I checked the Dremio GitHub repositories and identified what I think are the repo’s/branches for Arrow and Hadoop (confirmation appreciated), but did not see the rest of these (https://github.com/dremio).

Can you point me to where I can download the source code and build these dependencies locally?

I have the same question, and looking forward to get a response as soon as possible

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Sorry for the late reply, but here’s some clarification.

Dremio manages 2 different repositories:

The second repository is enabled only for building the community edition, and is disabled if using dremio.oss-only flag. The first repository is required to build Dremio OSS version though.

Some of the artifacts under dremio-public maven repository may have their source code published under our Github organization at https://github.com/dremio, but some like Apache Calcite don’t unfortunately (this has been on our radar for a while now).