Dremio Vs Denodo

Can you please give a clear difference between Dremio and Denodo? Maybe on the basis of the following:

  • Data sources compatibility
  • Data type compatibility (structured, semi-structured, Unstructured)
  • Data Processing type (batch ad streaming data processing)
  • Query optimisation (acceleration and reflection)
  • Data Governance (security, lineage, data catalog & metadata management)
  • Compatible BI tools
  • JDBC,ODBC & Rest API connectivity


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Hello Good Afternoon,

Denodo and Dremio are different types of software, with a different focus: Dremio is a data lake engine, focused on efficiently processing data on the data lake, especially Parquet files with Arrow. Denodo’s focus is on semantic modeling and multi-source query execution.
for more info, please go through this link: https://www.g2.com/compare/denodo-vs-dremio

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