Elasticsearch 7.1 support

What are the versions of elasticsearch currently supported. I am getting errors associated with the inability to read metadata. I am running version 7.1 of elasticsearch.


We do not currently test against 7.x releases of Elasticsearch, and officially support 6 and later versions of 5.

Same comment here. I’ve already evaluated Dremio and successfully integrated with Elastic 6.6.x and up but ever since we updated to 7.1.x, Dremio can no longer connect to Elastic.

First – I just found Dremio, and want to say WOW. I’ve spent 15 years doing and managing ETL work, and it’s incredibly impressive. To have such a feature-rich tool without severely limiting the open source version – you guys are doing really impressive things.

I also tried to tie into an ES 7.2 cluster. I understand Elastic moves incredibly fast and has lots of breaking changes. Is there any roadmap or timeframe for supporting ES 7 within dremio, or should users plan on ES 6 for the foreseeable future?

Thanks for any insight.

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Looking at the Elasticsearch documentation for Dremio just now, I see that supported versions are still 5.x and 6.x. Our organisation is now almost ready to upgrade to 7.3

Can we have some advice on how Dremio intends to catch up with Elastic updates? And when 7.x support might come? We have gone without Dremio capabilities since we went to 7.1


Does anyone have an idea on the support of elasticsearch 7.x

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