Is there news about the Elasticsearch 7.x plugin?

I’d like to know if an update to version 7 of Elasticsearch connector is planned in the near future or if everything is stopped for now.
Because in that case we (the community) could make pull requests, but I don’t know how far they can help. Thanks.


@balaji.ramaswamy, @ben Could you please provide us with an update on this issue? Our customers are upgrading to Elasticsearch 7.x and we need to support them in using Dremio to leverage their data for BI and Analytics. Is there any news on where ES 7.x support is on the roadmap? I’m sure the community can contribute resources if necessary. Thanks.

I’ve been waiting for 12 months after our data team upgraded to ES 7.x. Should I give up and move onto another product that can support ES 7x.?

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I’m also interested in an update.

@mg66, @Aaron_Santos, we are not actively working on any updates to the Elasticsearch plugin to make it compatible with 7+. If there is sufficient demand from community and customers, this may change.

I was also looking forward to getting the ES7 plugin release since I updated from ES6 to ES7, and I’m disappointed to hear it won’t be coming. It’s a very nice piece of software for what I could test before upgrading, and I’ve found no better alternative in the last year.

@marcosllama, I will let our product team know that there strong demand for ES 7 compatibility in the community. Thank you for your input!


I also need Dremio to work with ES7 for my use case! Dremio does everything I want except connecting to ES7, which is incredibly frustrating as there doesn’t appear to be anything else which fulfills my needs. It also feels odd that 7 is still not supported considering it was released over a year ago.

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Hi @Aaron_Santos @mg66

We are look at support for ES 7 this year but no exact date


@balaji.ramaswamy Is there any further update on this? This is a bit of a showstopper for one of my use cases…

Hi @surreynorthern

We are planning this early next year, will keep you posted. Meanwhile do you have other sources that you use Dremio with ?



The other sources I am currently using/testing it with are …

JSON Files via S3, Json files via Azure Blob Storage, SQLServer.

Potentially may also use it into MySql (MariaDB), Postgres, MongoDB as I have data in these backends.

In my admittedly limited look round, is there a centralised list of ARP connectors anywhere for ‘non-OOTB supported’ backends? (lnformix for example, is another backend i have, and i’d have loved to see SSAS support)


Hello everyone,

here we are mid 2021. Are there any news regarding an updated plugin for ES7?


I checked today the dremio github repository as I do every month and… YES! Dremio now supports ElasticSearch 7! Well done, kudos to Dremio!!!

Fantastic! Thank you Dremio team. I can’t wait to try it out

Dremio @Aaron_Santos