Support for Elastic 7 or Elastic 8


We are using Dremio with Elasticsearch 6 at the moment, which is soon to be deprecated. We would like to upgrade to Elasticsearch 7 or 8, but I cannot find any information on your plans for supporting any of these. There is an Elasticsearch 7 plug-in on github, but it is not an official one. What are your plans?

Thanks for your time!


Yes ! We need it - dremio needs to support faster when elk releases a major version.


We are targeting second half of this year, please check release notes


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@balaji.ramaswamy I’m sure many people will agree that is actually quite a disappointing timeline, and rather vague at that…


I did some more digging and the closest estimate at this point we have is mid year, July time frame



For context, the reason this is important - certainly for Dremio to keep pace - is hosted Elastic tends to be upgraded out of our control apparently.

Thank you for all replies.