Empty spaces and sources

Hell Dremio community,

I’m new to this but I’ve checked and haven’t found any other question that tackles the below issue we’re experiencing.

We setup Dremio on a iMac running a Windows virtual machine. We then connected some databases to it so that we have some tables in both ‘Spaces’ & ‘Sources’. We then created some additional users that need to contribute to our data efforts. While each user can sign into their account and see all the Datasets on the aforementioned iMac, whenever they sign into their account using a different computer both ‘Spaces’ & ‘Sources’ are empty.

We have set things up using a shared iMac as we are using it to connect to PowerBI and ideally we should all have access to the same Dremio environment on our own personal machines so we can progress things independently.

Appreciate any help anyone can provide!

Hi @sebastianb

A few things here,

We store all the above information under either pdfs or hdfs that is defined in your dremio.conf. If you do not see the below line

dist: "pdfs://"${paths.local}"/pdfs"

Then by default it is pdfs and should go under /data/pdfs. Unless these files are in a shared drive and you have configured coordinators to talk to the same pdfs, this would not work. From what you have mentioned you have windows VM on imac on separate imac’s. Not sure how they can see the pdfs on different servers?

Did I miss anything here?