Excel upload limit 10MB? Not 100MB?

Getting this error on server side on uploading 25MB excel file:

com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserException: File file:/mnt/foo//pdfs/uploads/abc.xls exceeds maximum size limit for Excel files of 10485760 bytes

That seems like 10MB.

Whereas, this link says that limit is 500MB - https://docs.dremio.com/advanced-administration/limits.html?h=upload

Whats going on?

Hello @desi

The current limit is 10 MB. That was not updated in the doc yet. That should be updated soon.


10MB for csv/json or only for xlsx?


That is only for XLSX

It can now be set like this:

alter system set store.excel.max_file_size = 104857600;

Then restart dremio

@bigfacewo Watch out for Full GC pause when uploading large XLSX files