Availability of Sonar & Arctic on CE

Do Sonar & Arctic features will be available on Community Edition ?

You should be able to use Arctic for free on Dremio Cloud. Currently only AWS is supported, but Azure and GCP are planned for this year.

Thank you @tshiran for your answer, it’s definitely a big step forward for Dremio !
Then, what is the future of the Community Edition ?

We are relying on the Docker image of the CE and helm charts to deploy Dremio on Kubernetes, as we were previously on Dremio AWS Edition but had an Out Of Memory error that terminated the whole AWS Cloud Formation deployment without rebuilding it.

For this reason, and because we couldn’t choose truly custom machines (e.g. m5d.2xlarge spot instances), we switched on K8s, more robust by design, and while migrating back on an AWS Cloud Formation deployment would give us the newest features, we are wondering whether the same issue could happen again…

With Dremio Software, our focus is mainly on Enterprise Edition, as it meets the needs of larger organizations that sometimes have a need to run entirely within their own VPC or even on-prem.
With Dremio Cloud, we’re focused on both Standard Edition (forever-free) and Enterprise Edition. If you compare the Standard Edition of Dremio Cloud to the Community Edition of Dremio Software, you’ll notice that there’s a lot more in Dremio Cloud, including privileges (access control), auto-scaling engines, no administration, etc. So I would really recommend using Dremio Cloud Standard Edition over Dremio Software Community Edition.

@tshiran : may I jump in here and ask if there is already a comparison chart between the different editions including Dremio Cloud? Like one here: Data Lake Implementation — Editions | Dremio

Hi @MrJava, there’s a comparison chart for the different editions here: Pricing | Dremio

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