GCS support as Storage for Nessie source?

Hello community,

Currently according to docs - Nessie sources use Amazon S3 (and S3 compatible storage) only

Is there support for GCS coming in any future releases?

Or any way to accomplish this via the S3 compatible GCS XML API?

Thanks in advance

Hi @robathija,

Yes support for GCS will be in the release this summer.


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Thanks @isha thats great, do you have a tentative date?

Hey there,
I totally got your issue but currently, Nessie sources only support Amazon S3 and S3-compatible storage. There’s no direct support for Google Cloud Storage (GCS) yet. However, you might be able to use GCS with Nessie by configuring it to emulate S3 behavior using its XML API. There hasn’t been any official announcement about GCS support in future releases, so keep an eye on updates.

Tentatively early August.

Thanks, will keep an eye out for releases

I already tried using the XML API, doesn’t work, I get an error saying “Make sure that Nessie endpoint URL is valid.” using https://storage.googleapis.com/ as Nessie endpoint URL and my GCS HMAC keys as AWS Access Key and secret