The new Dremio version 17.0.0 and Google Cloud Storage

I’m using the a dremio docker image release 17.0.0. I have notice now it is possible to add the Google Cloud Storage as new connector for Data Lake, but, when I was trying to create a new connection the field Private Key is unavailable to edit.

I tried some times create any connection with Google but I have no sucess.

Does anyone with same troube?

@kfouri GCS is an Enterprise edition only feature, let me see why it shows up on Community edition

I’m encountering the same (also currently on release 17.0.0): not able to provide the private key for GCS source.
Checked the release notes for more recent versions but nothing is mentioned.
The doc page on GCS source does not mention it is an enterprise feature.

I had a quick look at the source code. I wonder if it is not a problem with the type of the parameter field.
“uiType”: “textarea”
The generated html confuses me.
I didn’t find any other parameter field of this type in the OSS repo.

@brunoq See below screenshot, are you referring to this? I see private key in the source form

Yes, the last field from your screenshot.
Are you able to write something in there?

@brunoq Yes, can you please check on 18 or later