Why is Google Cloud not supported?

Can someone shed some light on why Google Cloud seems to have zero support from Demio?

I can understand BigQuery (usage-based billing could be expensive). But why not GCE for deployment or GCS for bucket storage?

We’re currently using BigQuery and GCE/K8 and I’d like to advocate for Dremio - but it’s hard without any support on the platform.

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Hi, We have multiple users successfully running in GCE. Dremio can be deployed in GCE using either a standalone installations with GCE VMs, or in Kubernetes using the Dremio helm charts available on Github at https://github.com/dremio/dremio-cloud-tools.

Thanks for the reply. I understand that you can deploy to GCP, I’m just saying there is no documentation about it like there is for Amazon or Azure. You could probably deploy to Amazon or Azure without documentation also. It’s feels strange to omit one of the big three cloud vendors - should I be worried about problems on GCP?

But more importantly, there is not support for (AFAIK) for reading CSV/JSON from GCS. If there was, I could export a BigQuery table and then use Dremio with it just like I would with S3. This would be huge.

As we all know, Dremio is the deluxe version of Apache Drill which is the OSS implementation of Google Dremel which is the foundation of BigQuery. BigQuery is great till you start getting the bills and have to adjust your query strategies to process less bytes. Supporting GCS would make an easy path for people to test migration from BQ.

Sure understood. FYI, we run Dremio on GCP as part of test framework and for our own infrastructure purposes, there should be no reason to worry about problems GCP.

Regarding GCS, we are continuing to look at adding support for GCS and should be able to provide more clarity on that in a bit.

Great - thanks! looking forward to hearing more.