Get job ID in Golang Arrow Flight client


we use the Arrow Flight client to execute queries and now we wonder how we can get the job ID so we can link back to ?

Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks.

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For Arrow Flight, you can try this command to get the most recently executed query ID.


Hope this helps!


Hi Cindy,

thanks for your answer! I think that will not work for us since we run multiple queries in parallel, also it would add another roundtrip.

Is there a possibility to inject an external ID (uuid) instead?



Unfortunately that would be the only method to grab the job ID at this time. I have submitted an enhancement request to show job ID in Arrow Flight to our product team and can update you if we plan to support this in the future :slight_smile:


Thanks, much appreciated!

Ralf - Do we have updates on this? This feature would greatly enhance the visibility of the requests that come in from our service by means of linking the returned Job ID to a custom HTTP header or a tag using tracing services like Lightstep.

Hi @maronavenue ,

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At this time, it is currently not on the roadmap. I’ll provide your feedback to our team.