Helm chart v2 parse error


I have cloned dremio-cloud-tools and executed helm install. There are parse errors on very obvious helm builtin functions (mustDeepCopy, mustMergeOverwrite, as well as get).

    $ git clone https://github.com/dremio/dremio-cloud-tools.git
    $ cd dremio-cloud-tools/charts

    $ helm install dremio_v2 -f dremio_v2/values.yaml
    Error: parse error in "dremio/templates/dremio-configmap.yaml": template: dremio/templates/dremio-configmap.yaml:22: function "mustDeepCopy" not defined

Please advise what is going wrong that is not described in the readme?

My helm version,

    $ which helm
    $ ls -l /usr/local/bin/helm
    /usr/local/bin/helm -> ../Cellar/helm/3.2.4_1/bin/helm


helm version displayed version 2.17 for some reason :o(

Therefore I fixed it by removing old helm from the cluster and reinstalling local helm binary,

    helm reset --force --remove-helm-home
    brew upgrade helm


    $ helm version
    version.BuildInfo{Version:"v3.5.4", GitCommit:"1b5edb69df3d3a08df77c9902dc17af864ff05d1", GitTreeState:"dirty", GoVersion:"go1.16.3"}