Hint: no_reflections should be registered in the HintStrategies

I need to test a reflection and by documentation I see that I can tell Dremio to not use a reflection.
Unfortunately I get the error in the image and title of this post.

I searched in Dremio documentation but I do not find any useful information. Can somebody help?


@coolo Will get back to you on this, meanwhile can you please try the ALTER SESSION and set it?

@coolo What version of Dremio are you on?

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy ,
thanks for the reply.

I am on Dremio 24.0.2

If I do the ALTER SESSION query I get this error:

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Mind that the only Hint that works is BROADCAST. All the other ones do not.
For example, I attach the exclude_reflection try:

I found the BROADCAST one here.


@coolo That makes total sense as in 24.0 only broadcast hints were introduced while in 24.2 and higher Reflection hints are also added

I see, thanks for the explanation.