How to add new Object Storage (Google Cloud Storage) without using the UI

I am doing project related to dremio through docker compose. I add object storage (GCP) without using UI. I did some research and found the following files: dremio.conf and core-site.xml. Here are my configuration files:

and file dremio.conf with following:
paths: {
local: “./data”
dist: “dremiogcs:///warehouse_0000/football”

services: {
coordinator.enabled: true,
coordinator.master.enabled: true,
executor.enabled: true,
flight.use_session_service: true
with file core-site.xml. I have configured correctly, I configured it correctly, I ran it successfully and then accessed port localhost:9047 but the object storage did not show GCP as expected. Am I missing something? Sincerely appreciate and thank everyone for their contributions

@Tran02Thi I think you are asking about creating a new GCS source, you can use REST API