How to add picture to Dremio ARP connector

Hi, I developed a new ARP source connector but I can’t find any way to add the connector picture to be shown on the list of the source. In the documentations, I saw the SQLlite example has picture but there is nothing about how to add the picture. Can anybody help?


In the java resources/ directory, add a file called SourceType.svg where SourceType is the value you defined in the @SourceType() annotation.

Thanks for your answer, I did what you said and the image is added. The problem is the image has no style. The other sources image are in a circle with a fix size but my image is in original size (very big) and has no circle border. It seems I should set some style (like CSS) for the image. Here is my @SourceType() annotation:

@SourceType(value = "my_datasourceARP", label = "my_datasource") public class my_datasourceConf extends AbstractArpConf<my_datasourceConf> { private static final String ARP_FILENAME = "arp/implementation/my_datasource-arp.yaml"; private static final ArpDialect ARP_DIALECT = AbstractArpConf.loadArpFile(ARP_FILENAME, (ArpDialect::new)); private static final String DRIVER = "driver";

That is because we hardcode the circles into the SVGs we ship (see as an example). We just limit the dimensions to fit into the screen.

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