ARP Logo missing in 24.0

I created an ARP connector and stored the logo as an svg file in resources folder when I built it. In versions 23.0.1 and earlier, the logo properly showed in the sources area, but now it is blank. How can I get the logo to appear again?

Okay, I found out why it disappeared but not really seeing a simple solution for adding it back. It looks like there was a change to the dac-ui code where now it will only look for icons in the dac-ui jar file located in rest/dremio_static/static/icons/dremio/sources.

besides uploading the file into the jar via

jar uf dremio-dac-ui-24.0.0-202302100528110223-3a169b7c.jar rest/dremio_static/static/icons/dremio/sources/SOURCETYPE.svg

are there any other options?