How to enable iceberg in Dremio 18


with the latest release of Dremio it should be possible to enable iceberg support for near realtime metadata refresh. Documentation states

To activate this functionality, use the dremio.iceberg.enabled and dremio.execution.support_unlimited_splits flags.

it is unclear where to set those flags. I found another entry in community, that this can be done using sql

ALTER SYSTEM SET dremio.iceberg.enabled = true;
ALTER SYSTEM SET reflection.manager.use_iceberg_dataset.enabled = true;

but ideally we would like to activate this feature in automated way. Any hints would be appreciated.

@igorsechyn You can do it via SQL or REST using POST SQL or via UI-admin-support menu

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , thank you for your reply. That means we cannot do it in automated way when we deploy new clusters? Is there a way to do it through a config file, so that we do not have to write manual scripts to execute these steps, when provisioning new clusters?

@igorsechyn There is a way to enable via dremio-env file, let me get back this

That would be great, thank you

Hey @balaji.ramaswamy , any update on this?

@igorsechyn Sorry, I was OOO. Will find out this week and get back to you

hi @balaji.ramaswamy , sorry to annoy you, but is there any update on this. This prevents us from upgrading to dremio 18 atm. Thank you, Igor

@igorsechyn Sorry for the delay, here you go

prepend the “-Ddremio.debug.sysopt.” to the actual sys option

Couple of examples


Awesome, thank you :pray: