K8s deployment - set support settings keys


As the v18.0.0 was released, in order to enable Near-real-time Metadata Refreshes, as described in the documentation, we must enable the following support keys: dremio.iceberg.enabled and dremio.execution.support_unlimited_splits.

I wonder if there is any way to set these values (or any other support settings keys available in sys.options) in the Helm chart V2 ?



Hello @lucbaro,

These have to be set once the Dremio service is up and running. So there is no way to add this, for example, via a Java runtime parameter that you could pass in extraStartParams

You can, however, use SQL to do it:

ALTER SYSTEM SET "dremio.iceberg.enabled"=true;
ALTER SYSTEM SET "dremio.execution.support_unlimited_splits"=true;
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Actually, I was informed that you can pass these parameters to Dremio on startup.

In values.yaml under the coordinator spec, try adding:

  extraStartParams: >-

Hi @ben,

Thanks a lot !
I knew that I could do that via SQL (found in dremio-oss DAC code).

I started to look extraStartParams and supposed it would be there but didn’t know what prefix key to add when declaring each sys option setting (i.e. dremio.debug.sysopt.).

Happy to see it’s possible this way ! We can know tweak our values.yml properly to perform a setup with these options enabled by default at startup.

Thanks again,