Iceberg tables : INSERT OVERWRITE support

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In v4.9.1, setting the dremio.iceberg.enabled support key - that I found in the source code, I managed to INSERT INTO hdfs iceberg tables : it’s an incredible step toward a data lakehouse solution, a data vault - insert only - warehouse ! Thank you so much !

So, icing on the cake, when will it be possible to INSERT OVERWRITE ?

@tshiran, it seems that iceberg tables are enabled even on NAS sources.

I will adapt the dbt adapter for dremio, mainly the incremental materialization, and users may now be able to audit transformations’ duration.

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Hi @fetanchaud

We have not yet released support for iceberg yet. Yes, parameter is there but will be announcing GA in coming versions soon, thanks for the feedback


Sorry @balaji.ramaswamy, as I saw this in the sources, I thought I had missed the point, and that the feature was already in use. I will wait for official communication. Best.

Hello @balaji.ramaswamy , in our last exchange five months ago, iceberg support was to be announced soon. Could you please tell us if something is on the way ?
I would like to include iceberg tables in dbt-dremio adapter’s next release.

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It is certainly slated to come by end of Q2 this year. It will be first released for Hive and then file system based sources


Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , in version 19 community edition, I cannot use CREATE TABLE my_table(my_column my_type…) command anymore, even with iceberg support enabled. Why such a regression ?

@fetanchaud, This is not an officially supported / released feature. Users can use support key dremio.iceberg.ctas.enabled to work with feature under development.