How to set drill options with dremio?

Im trying to figure out where to set options to drill. We are reading data from Hive and is running into this issue:

UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION ERROR: Decimal data type is disabled. As of this release decimal data type is a beta level feature and should not be used in production Use option ‘planner.enable_decimal_data_type’ to enable decimal data type.

Ive been looking through Drill documentation and it seems I should be able to set this in a config file under /etc/drill/conf but so far I havent been able to guess the file name or the how the option should be set.

I tried setting “planner.enable_decimal_data_type=true” in /etc/drill/conf/drill-override.conf but seems to be ignored by Dremio.

Im stuck and the documentation doesnt say anything about where to put these options, or Im completely failing to see it…please help!

Hi Christer!

Are you using Drill or Dremio? The two projects are very different.

It is possible someone here might know the answer to your question (I do not), but you might also consider posting on the Drill mailing list.

Alternately, if you want to try using Dremio, it is open source and might also be able to solve what you’re trying to do.

Hey @Christer, there are various options that we inherited from different projects. You can set options through the UI (Admin > Advanced Settings > Dremio Support> Support Key).

Beyond decimal support, are there particular things you are trying to achieve? Remember that although we’ve taken pieces from different projects, ultimately the way Dremio behaves is different from these and the solution might be different as well as Kelly mentioned.

OK. =)

Its about Dremio but it looks like you are using Drill in the product so thats why I was going in that direction in my quest for answers. :slight_smile: When googling for this particular error, its a lot about Drill showing up.

So basically I need to set this option because we have Hive tables in our warehouse that we want to read into Dremio, and they do use decimal data types for certain columns.

I will try to set this option as a support key on Monday when Im at work again. But how do I know what options can be set there? I would love to understand the system architecture of Dremio a bit if you can explain a bit further. =)

You can check out the Architecture Guide if you haven’t already. Linked here with other resources:

Thank you, it worked. =)

One of the analysts where I work wanted to have a look at Dremio since he heard about it, and I pulled down a docker image and set it up on one of our servers so he could try playing with it.

I noticed there was no official docker image from you guys. Perhaps its something you would consider for the future? Its not hard to get one of the unofficial ones and it works fine, but always nice with official ones. =)

@Christer thanks for the suggestion – definitely something we’re thinking about.