Indicator that record count has been limited during preview

I’m new to Dremio and found the record limit during preview confusing.

I just starting using Ctrl-Enter to submit the query, not realising that it was just preview.

This was especially confused for me as I searched for “60000 dremio” when I found data missing in my query and ran across the scary “Source 60,000 Number of splits that can be processed for a single dataset (table) for FileSystem Sources.” in Dremio limits.

It would be really useful for the Records indicator to show that a limit has been used, or make it generally clear than the query result is from a preview.



@johnshearer I think this looks like a UI bug where it shows as run, the jobs page should show if it is run or preview. I do not see this issue in master so might have got addressed

@balaji.ramaswamy I agree. That ones shows as Query Type: UI (preview) in jobs (job ID 1f51b555-b87a-eab2-ff94-f834451bf100 on my install in case you want to explore some more)

Running that query again now doesn’t show this issue.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

@balaji.ramaswamy I can replicate this issue now.

It occurs when a from a folder in a datalake (S3) I do “Format Folder”, and after hitting save, the initial preview that loads says “Job: Run”, though it is a preview and the job page shows it as a preview. Running the same query again as preview (Ctrl-enter), correctly sets the Job as Preview.

@johnshearer Thanks, able to reproduce the issue and have filed an internal bug on this

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