Install Dremio error

I have a problem installing Dremio.
Every time I click start it says dremio is not running.
I have the newest java version so normally there shoudn’t be any problem.
Can you help me?

Can you try to install & use Java 8/JDK 1.8 and try again? If it still doesn’t startup after Java 8, can you provide the logs as well?

To add to what @anthony said - Dremio is currently supporting Java version less than 9. And looks like you have 10.

Thank you for the reply.
It did not work. I downloaden jdk 1.8.
My log is in the zip file. (12 KB)

I have also another question:

Its not clear to me where I should make or get a user name en password for dremio connector

  1. The username password for ODBC will be the same login you use in the Dremio UI
  2. Per startup error: It seems like you are running into the same issue here: Not able to start Dremio
    where the CPU doesn’t support AVX2 and one of the libraries we are using (RocksDB). Can you try to manually update the lib per Not able to start Dremio ? FYI if the workaround does not work, then unfortunately you have a non AVX2 CPU that Dremio does not support.

It still didn’t work but how can i check if my cpu does not supports AVX2.

Unfortunately AVX2 is not supported as a “Instruction Set Extensions” for your CPU

Hey @Serhat

Wanted to let you know that Dremio 2.1.4, which was just released, should support non-AVX2 machines.