Integration of Time-Series Database, e.g., InfluxDB or Prometheus


Are there any plans to support the integration of any of the common time series databases?
InfluxDB or Prometheus would be the ones that I’m particularly interested in, but any other specialized time-series DB may be welcome as well.


We are planning to log various sensor data of machines over time (IIoT data). Since this kind of data fits best to a time-series database — rather that the Postgres-DB that would otherwise be available —, I’m currently facing the question of which time-series DB to choose.

As data integration is a key functionality to me, I want to select a DB that will be supported as a data source within Dremio.

The existing alternatives I found so far are:

  • TimescaleDB, an extension to Postgres. Here, I’m not quite sure about the performance impact on the DB, when hundreds of sensor data streams have to be processed, while analytic queries are running simultaneously.
  • Elasticsearch. ES is quite often used for storing time-series data. However, to me it seems much more complex to set up the corresponding tables, than it would be in Prometheus or InfluxDB.


I would also interested in this question, i’ve also used TimescaleDB and trying to combine with Dremio.


I hope @balaji.ramaswamy could help us here @rumbin

@wellytambunan @rumbin

I have reached out to product management and one of us will get back on this

Is the time series data also stored in S3 or ADLS? What are you looking to join the time series data with?