Is KDB+ supported in Dremio right now?

Is KDB+ supported in Dremio right now ?

Not yet. A member of the community has developed a connector and we are working with them to make it available to others. We will update here once there is a clear plan in terms of timing.

Thank you very much Kelly for the quick response

Has there been any progress made with regard to KDB+ support since Nov, 18 ?

@dkucharc, there have not been any new developments on the KDB+ connector. We’ll update this thread if there are.

@ben @kelly Is there any update for the KDB+ connector? Would appreciate your help on this.

I think there are two possibilities for now:

  1. Already made plugin
  2. Create the plugin yourself using the ARP framework:
  • Guide 1 or Guide 2
  • the JDBC driver for use with the ARP framework is here (source code is here)
  • This page can help you in the implementation of the classes of the ARP framework, for example it tells you the class of the JDBC driver and the JDBC URL to use.

Hey @andreat

The kdb+ plugin you linked above mostly/partially works. However, it isn’t being actively contributed anymore. I am actively looking for collaborators/maintainers on the repo if you are interested.

The ARP framework requires a jdbc connector and given the state of the kdb+ jdbc connector (when i last evaluated it a few years ago admittedly) your mileage may vary for that route. When I last used the jdbc connector it struggled w/ a lot of ANSII SQL.