BigQuery Connector

Hey all,

We’ve been working on a BigQuery connector for Dremio for the past week and have decided to open source our work.

The connector is built on the ARP framework and the official Simba JDBC driver from Google. There is still work to be done on all of the function definitions to ensure pushdown works correctly, but it is currently functional to query BigQuery data sources inside of Dremio!

You can find the code and release on GitHub at

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


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I can’t wait to see Dremio working on BigQuery. :smiley:

Is there a forecast on when it will be officially released?

Hi Mike,

We are continuing to evaluate support for Big Query. Until there is a dedicated connector it should be possible to use the Big Query JDBC driver to create a Dremio Hub custom connector, you can find instructions on how to develop a customer connector to a JDBC source here.