Jdbc connection user rpc.ChannelClosedException

Hi All,

while connecting using JDBC client ver 4.04 jdbc driver getting RPCchannel closed exception error in UI
cdjd.com.dremio.exec.rpc.ChannelClosedException: [USER]: Channel closed null --> null (user client)

Could you please suggest us possible workaround on this ?
or did anyone encountered the same ?

Below the log excerpt from dremio.log.

2019-11-14 17:03:39,698 [UserServer-1] WARN c.dremio.sabot.rpc.user.UserSession - Ignoring unknown property: DIRECT
2019-11-14 17:03:39,723 [UserServer-1] INFO c.d.s.r.user.EnterpriseUserRPCServer - [USER]: Channel closed / <–> / (user client)
2019-11-14 17:03:39,724 [UserServer-1] INFO com.dremio.ConnectionLog - [5e37eeaa-3b8c-4e53-a4f5-2330309ea05e] Connection Closed

Do anyone have thoughts why Rpc channels are being closed ?



This happens when 2 executors trying to talk to each other and one of them has not got back within the timeout. This could be because the remote host (in your case it is “”) was not responding. It could be because it was probably doing a garbage collection. Check server.gc and server.log on “” and you should see why this happened


FYI, I’ve had the same problem with 4.X and 3.3.x drivers. I fell back to 3.0.6 and that solved the problem for me.