Latest 23.1.0 community artifacts not available in dremio's public maven repo


I’m the developer of dremio-udf-gis plugin (OGC GIS functionality for dremio)
When trying adapt my plugin to the newest CE 23.1.0, I cannot download any artifacts from you free maven repo.

Manually testing, I can see that is not available, but the 23.0.1 one for instance (and its predecessors) is available (

Any idea on when they are expected to be present there?

@balaji.ramaswamy do you have any idea?

@ben @Kartik_Nadar any help will be much obliged

Anyone from the Dremio team care to comment about this issue?

@sheinbergon Sorry about the delay, let me check internally on this and get back to you. This week might be tough due to the holidays and will get back to you next week

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Most appreciative @balaji.ramaswamy


23.1.0 build is available on Maven Dremio space


I can see it now. 10x :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for the confirmation