Missing version Issue after upgrade to 19.3.0

After upgrading to version 19.3.0, we’re unable to access to one of our spaces due to this issue.

What can be the root cause


@alvinIce I assume you are upgrading from an older version, can you please try the below?

  • shutdown coordinator
  • cd <dremio-install-dir>/bin
  • ./dremio-admin repair-acls
  • If above has any output then run below command
  • ./dremio-admin repair-acls -d
  • Run below command again and see if it returns no rows now
  • ./dremio-admin repair-acls
  • start coordinator
  • Click on the space that was giving the issue

Thanks for your reply.
But based on your answer, I tried the command * ./dremio-admin repair-acls but I’ve a very weird result.

Unknown action: ‘repair-acls’
Usage: dremio-admin (set-password|export-profiles|restore|encrypt|clean|reset-catalog-search|backup|upgrade) [args…]
set-password: Sets passwords for Dremio users (non-LDAP)
export-profiles: Exports profiles of jobs from Dremio
restore: Restores Dremio metadata and user-uploaded files
encrypt: Encrypt a user supplied string
clean: Cleans Dremio metadata
reset-catalog-search: Reset index to recover catalog search
backup: Backs up Dremio metadata and user-uploaded files
upgrade: Upgrades KV store version
Run export ‘DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR=’ to set log directory.
Run export ‘DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_VERBOSITY=’ to set verbosity. Default is INFO.

Maybe this command is only available in enterprise version of Dremio as I am in community version?
Can you help please?