New Generic JDBC Community Connector available now

NEW UPDATE - 05-SEP-2019

Add a Generic JDBC Connector . Specify JDBC URL Specify where the ARP-YAML file is (relative to classpath) - You need to define your own YAML file and put it in classpath and provide the relative URL here. Tested with Athena JDBC Driver and URL and it works.
Enables testing any JDBC RDBMS Source with Dremio.

To make it work correctly, Need to know ARP YAML syntax. Create a new one and put it in Classpath.

This is beta version. Need to test with different drivers and see how it really works.

What i am using is primarily for AWS Athena and my requirement is to use different configurations and also test alternative drivers ( i.e. JDBC Driver class will change )

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Now works on Windows x64 ( 64 Bit ) - Including Gandiva & AWS Athena without any error with Jackson XML parsing

Checkout the Release notes.