No Azure VM available for Europe region

Hi all,

while following the steps mentioned in Dremio docs for Azure integration I tried creating Dremio cluster from the Azure Market Place.

But I am not able to see any Dremio VM being available for the North/West Europe region.(screenshot attached below)

Is Dremio not available in the any Europe regions for Azure configuration or am I missing something?

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Dremio.
I understand that you are unable to select the VM for your Dremio Azure deployment in the North Europe region.

Dremio Azure deployment is available in the Europe region as well. On testing this Azure setup same at my end, I am able to select the VMs in North Europe Region. (Attached a screenshot for your reference)

From your shared screenshot, I see that the Subscription shows as “Free Trial” and that seems to not list the available VM types[1]. Could you please try to review this with another Subscription Type and let us know if that works?

Reference[1]: Dremio

Feel free to update if you have any queries.

Shantanu Singh
Cloud Support Engineer | Dremio