Will Azure CE be updated

The CE edition pulled from Azure Marketplace is really out of date - is this going to be updated?

Build: 20.1.0-202202061055110045-36733c65
Edition: Community Edition
Build Time: 02/06/2022 11:08:16

The awkward thing is this fails to read the NYC parquet dataset with the following error:

:stop_sign: “RuntimeException: native zStandard library not available: this version of libhadoop was built without zstd support.”

@Dave0m Let me check on this and get back to you

@Dave0m There are no plans to continue with Azure CE but we support Azure in Dremio Cloud, would that be something you can try?

With a starting sub at 10k/mnth - not really!

That’s a real shame, as it cut’s off the ability for devs to use VS Subscription credit against compute/storage while feeling the tool out.

Actually, it’s really I’m confused as to why the "Dempliying Demio on Azure page shows version curent [24.2.x] then, but the link out to evaluate via Azure ARM will ultimately give you a 20.1.x version?

That seems inconsistent.

The “Version: current [24.2.x]” is the versioning for the docs. i.e you are reading the “current” version of the documentation page published for 24.2.x. You can switch doc versions by using the dropdown in the top right corner.

Dremio Cloud on both Azure (currently in public preview) and AWS has a Standard Edition as well (i.e., free). (Well, how it works is you always get to deploy the “Standard Edition” and then there’s an option in Organization Settings to upgrade to an “Enterprise Edition”). Note that while Dremio Cloud Standard Edition is free, it does not include the cost of any required cloud infrastructure that get charged by your cloud provider (e.g. Azure VMs, storage etc.). To deploy Dremio Cloud in Azure, sign up here and here are the pre-requisites that will help you.

You also have the option of deploying the latest Dremio Software CE on AKS using our helm charts (here).

Hope that helps!

Again, the documentation is inconsistent - it the page shows 24.2 I’d expect the ARM template link to offer that version, not boot me back down 2 major versions…

@Dave0m as mentioned earlier by @balaji.ramaswamy, there are no plans AFAIK to update the Azure ARM template. Feel free to use CE on Kubernetes (via AKS) or Dremio Cloud Standard Edition. Both free from a Dremio standpoint.