Node blacklisting endpoint returns 404

Running dremio community edition (version 23.0.1)
Trying to access node blacklisting as seen here (can’t access this as well - 404)

{"errorMessage":"HTTP 404 Not Found","moreInfo":""}

Other api/v3 and apiv2 endpoints are available

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@andrew.s DO you see the feature via UI and it works?

@balaji.ramaswamy It is now available on UI as well

The UI uses the same endpoints, so if it works there, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work from some other client. Can you use your browser tools to observe how the requests are formed and compare to how you are making them?

As before-mentioned, there is no promt to use this feature on UI as well.

@andrew.s When you said above “It is now available on UI as well”, did you mean “It is not available on UI as well”?

yes, my bad, a typo. this feature is not available on ui

@andrew.s Ok could be an Enterprise edition feature then, let me confim

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@andrew.s Looks like this is an Enterprise edition feature

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