ODBC Demio Connector for MongoDB

Can you clarify exactly what you are trying to do and where you are hitting issues? Tableau > Dremio > MongoDB?
Are there any particular errors (any logs?) that you hitting?

i believe the issue is at the ODBC part. When i connect tableau to MongoDB using Dremio it allows me to get access to the collections/tables, but when i drag them into the canvas and try to actually use the data in tableau it says there is no connection to the data. So that leads me to believe i have configured the setup of my ODBC wrong. If you can we can get on a webex or some sort of call so you can walk me through this issue? would this be possible?

Just to clarify - you have installed Dremio locally and you have already made a successful connection to MongoDB from Dremio? You can read/access all data from MongoDB just fine from Dremio?

If yes, then it seems like you are having issues with Talbeau > Dremio? Were you able to follow the documentation? Windows / Mac

so i am able to connect dremio to tableau and see all the collections/tables in tableau, but it is saying it is a bad connection, so my thought is that i did not configure the ODBC properly, which is what i would like double checked, as i am not 100% i did this step properly.

Can we first take Tableau out of the picture please and make sure Dremio is working properly? Have you already made a successful connection to MongoDB from Dremio? You can read/access all data from MongoDB just fine from Dremio?

i have not. i cannot read or access the data in Dremio.

Ok so sounds like the issue may have nothing to do with ODBC/Tableau, but with the Dremio service itself. What happens when you connect to MongoDB with Dremio? You can’t read any tables? Is there an error in the UI?

i just got access to dremio via http://localhost:9047

i am able to select the collection and view the data in there.

but when i try to connect tableau to MongoDB via dremio in tableau it does not allow me to view the data. It allows for me to view the collections, but it doesnt allow me to create a worksheet

Within http://localhost:9047, can you connect to MongoDB, open some data, and save it as a VDS (virtual dataset)? Then you can click our Tableau shortcut icon on top right to open that dataset within Tableau desktop

sp i created a custom query in Dremio and it says “Unexpected Error Occurred”

Sorry I am a bit confused - were you able to follow my instructions above? It should not require you to enter a custom query.

yes, if i want to connect to a single table/collection. i need to create a a new query that has multiple joins.

You can go ahead and do the join within Dremio UI itself before connecting to Tableau. We support standard ANSI SQL. Have you tried that?

Ultimately, you should open Dremio > connect to MongoDB tables/collections > Do queries/joins/etc in Dremio > Save as a VDS (think of this as a virtualized view of the data) > Connect Tableau to the VDS.

what am i doing wrong here, as that is what i am doing?

Can you download & share the query profile please?


This may help: I found this error message when i went into jobs. do you know what it means?

Yes - make sure the join key columns are of the same data type. For example, if the join key is a number 1,2,3,4,5,etc you will get this error if 1 dataset in Dremio has that column of type Integer and another has the column as type Text. Just make sure the data types match across both datasets for the join keys. You can quickly change the data type by clicking the icon to the left of the column name.

if i change the data type in dremio there are no call backs to the actual database. It just changes the data type for that instance? What page would that be on, where i can change the data type of a field?

Everything you do in Dremio UI is in a virtualized context. When you save anything in the UI, it saves as a VDS (virtual dataset). We will still make call backs to the underlying db.

The page you are currently on in the screenshot above is where you go change the data type. You will likely have to start over > open just 1 table > change data type > save as VDS > repeat with another table > then join the 2 VDSs together into a final VDS (then eventually connect Tableau to the final VDS).