Odbc Dremio MAc M1 and Tableau


I am trying to create create some visualization with tableau in my M1 Mac and even though I have installed all the drivers, JDBC and ODBC I am not able to make it run.

Is there an additional configuration that I might need to do in order to visualice the data with tableau?
My JDBC is under Tableau Drivers and I have installed the ODBC package from the website

This is the error I am getting

An error happens during the communication with the source data ODBC '@dataset' 
All the required drivers have not been installed to connect to the data source
You will need to make changes in the local configuration to solve the issue
Código de error:4D78F526
[iODBC][Driver Manager]dlopen({Dremio Connector}, 6): no suitable image found.  Did find:
	file system relative paths not allowed in hardened programs
[iODBC][Driver Manager]Specified driver could not be loaded
The ODBC driver need aditional configuration. The driver and de DSN (data source name) must be installed and configured to match the connection


I suggest you follow the instructions here for working with Dremio/Tableau:

Good luck!

Thank you so much @oandalib for your answer but I have not luck. I have already the jdbc driver on the folder and now I have also added the taco file in the connectors file

Here a snippet

capi@MacBook-Air Tableau % ls -la Drivers
total 61552
drwxr-xr-x  3 capi  staff        96  2 ago 21:47 .
drwxr-xr-x  4 capi  staff       128 18 sep 08:30 ..
-rw-r--r--@ 1 capi  staff  31514429  2 ago 21:45 dremio-jdbc-driver-17.0.0-202107060524010627-31b5222b.jar
capi@MacBook-Air Tableau %
capi@MacBook-Air Tableau % ls -la Connectors
total 32
drwxr-xr-x  3 capi  staff     96 18 sep 08:30 .
drwxr-xr-x  4 capi  staff    128 18 sep 08:30 ..
-rw-r--r--@ 1 capi  staff  12514 18 sep 08:30 dremio.taco

I am using tableau version 2021.2 but I don’t think the problem is related to tableau but the odbc driver that somehow it is not working properly

Also notice that I am able to connect with dremio using python, with DBeaver and with tableau in a windows machine

@capihacendado Are you using the latest ODBC driver? I see some bugs on M1 resolved so wanted to make sure which version of the ODBC driver your are using

do you know if there is a way to check it in Mac? I have made the download the first of August

One thing that helped me in a similar error in the past was to make sure that you use “Dremio Connector” whenever defining a DSN for cross-platform installs on Tableau Server Linux and on Windows/MacOS

Hi @datocrats-org thank you for your answer.

I was able to make it work after installing iodbc iODBC Driver Manager: iODBC Downloads and then reinstalling dremio odbc driver. Maybe you should create a ticket to update the documentation for M1 @balaji.ramaswamy

Again thank you all for you answers