ODBC Driver for Apache Arrow Flight SQL x32 version missing

Hi, the x32 version of ODBC Driver for Apache Arrow Flight SQL is missing. You released only the x64 version, but when connecting from .net or c# applications (Visual Studio) the odbc driver can’t be used, because those are x32 only applications.

@gabster Let me check and get back to you

@gabster Currently, there are no plans to prioritize the 32 bit driver

But if you do not priorities the 32 bit driver, then for a majority of us, the driver you published (x64) is useless (without the x32 version) and you application cannot be used or bought.
There are a lot of people there, like me, that still uses SSIS in paralel with other new tools and/or big data applications…try to see how many are searching for an ODBC (free or paid).
Do you expect that people to buy directly Dremio and renounce at once at tens of ssis packages that are working for years…?!?

Hello @gabster

Understand where you are coming from, product team is prioritizing features based on several factors. Currently this is not planned but might be picked up in the future. Let me forward your response so it can be added to the story