Dremio odbc drivers from dremio github not producing working artifacts


I’m trying to get x32 driver build from GitHub - dremio/flightsql-odbc

I managed to fix x64 dependant errors from apache arrow (be it popcnt64 or other bitscrewing) and build is successful, but all I get is non-working .exe and .lib files, which cannot be used as odbc driver using registry method.

After static build I did add -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS:bool=TRUE on build_win32.bat script flag, and I managed to produce .dll files, but they not working as odbc driver as well. Using dependency walker (http://dependencywalker.com/) to inspect symbols inside this .dll, I found that there’s nothing but inclusions from external dependencies(e.g. protobuf, zlib, etc.), while x64 version from official site does indeed contain multiple symbols in root, that, as seems, may be used as entrypoint for odbc manager setup stage.

Summing things up, how can I produce a working odbc driver build with .dll’s that actually can be included to ODBC data manager?

Thank you in advance!